About the project

As the size of Linked Open Data available in the Web is continously increasing, MODEUS (Making Open Data Effectively USable) aims at revolutionizing the provision and fruition of such data, by devising principles, techniques, and tools for publishing Open Data that besides being open and linked, fully capture and reflect the semantics of the domain to which they belong. To achieve such goal, MODEUS key idea is to resort to Ontology-Based Data Access (OBDA) technology, for accessing and integrating data residing within data provider's own applications and data possibly obtained from external data sources. Users will then be able to access Open Data sets (either predefined or satisfying user's specific information needs, expressed by means of SPARQL queries) that completely reflect the semantics of the original OBDA application from which they are exported. Note that this will represent a major advance with respect to the current state of affairs of Open Data. Indeed, nowadays, most of the current providers of Linked Open Data (even 5-stars Open Data!) allow users to either access predefined data sets or SPARQL endpoints that respectively originate and access larger (mostly materialized) predefined data sets, which in both cases possibly rely on the semantics of external vocabularies. As a consequence, users currently access "plain annotated" data, while according to the MODEUS project vision, users will access Open Domain Knowledge.

The MODEUS vision will be pursued by carrying the following two main activities:

  • on one hand, it will devise principles, techniques and tools to provide and consume Open Data, based on the OBDA technology,
  • on the other, it will demonstrating the effectiveness of the proposed solution within the CH domain of land registry archives.

MODEUS is a 3-years research project (grant nr. RBSI14TQHQ), funded by the Italian Ministry of Education and University Research (MIUR) within the Scientific Independence of young Researchers (SIR) Programme, which is designed to support young researchers at the start of their independent research activity. The Principal Investigator of MODEUS is Antonella Poggi, researcher in computer engineering (mainly in knowledge representation, data integration, data management, semantic web technologies and their application in the Humanities) of the Department of Document studies, Linguistics, Philology and Geography, at the Sapienza University of Rome.